Lima Xpress, nació el 28 de julio del 2010, con una ambicioso proyecto radiofónico dedicada a la música electrónica de vanguardia, siempre enfocado a la pista de baile. Con mas proyección en la comunidad de lima, no solo por su difusión radiofónico, sino por su gran calidad musical.

Lima Xpress, radio pionera en transmitir en vivo , eventos de música electrónica, haciendo que nuestros oyentes puedan vivir el show a través de la radio, o también revivir esos momento de alegría gracias a las retransmisiones.

Actualmente contamos con Radio Shows de DJs de talla mundial tales como: Sarah Main, Martin Eyerer, Stefano Noferini, Nervo, Tara Mcdonald, Tydi, Miss Nine, Brian Cheetham, Jhon Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Q-burns, Thomas Schumacher.


Ser la mejor radio de música electrónica de Lantinoamérica.


Difundir la música electrónica, a través de los radio shows nacionales e internacionales, como también de las transmisiones en vivo de los eventos.


Radio > Angelo Costa

Dj Angelo Costa ( aka Noisy Boy ) Nacio en Lima, Perú en 1980, ingreso al mundo de las mezclas en el año 2002 influenciado por ritmos como el trance, progressive house y house mezclando estos estilos en vinilos del 2002 al 2008 llegando a tocar en lugares como Xcess en Larcomar junto a Enrique del Carpio , eventos y privados en Lima, tambien en participo en IN THE MIX TOUR en el 2008 a realizarse por el sur Discoteca Tabu en Arequipa y por el norte en La Barra Drive Inn, luego con el uso de controladores experimento con etilos como el minimal, minimal tech y tech house llegando a mezclar en eventos como campeonato nacional de pechito en playa Punta Negra en el 2011, en la actualidad tiene residencia en Jam box Lounge-Bar, en Cosmo Label – Dj Agency – Radio donde tiene un programa llamado Underground Sounds of Lima en el cual se encarga de promover a dj’s de la escena underground en Lima y el Peru en general,y su mas resiente residencia en Midnight Sounds Radio con el programas MicroBeats.

Soundcloud :









Radio > Andrea Dub & Luke Armour

The idea came to personal trainer Luke Armour, the presenter of the show and owner of Health Specific, an exercise and nutrition company that sells workout and meal plans as well as offering personal training. Luke is involved in many activities, ranging from personal training to making workout videos and documentaries based on physical transformation, The Workout Sessions aims to motivate people to workout whilst listening to music.

A key element to the show is the selection of music that comes from Andrea Dub, who is a young Italian talent who is already supported by the heavyweights of dance music, from Afrojack to Chuckie, from Tiesto to Paul Oakenfold and also from local Italian talents such as Fargetta-GetFar.

The Workout Sessions is a diverse show because it also includes guest interviews, with each guest having to answer questions about themselves, their careers and their fitness achievements and goals. The guests span from musicians, models, and other individuals that are inspirational.

Guests include fashion model Sebastian Sauvé, mix engineer Marcella 'Ms.Lago' Araica, who has worked with Madonna, Britney, Timbaland and more, as well as singer Lisa Pure.

The show is syndicated all over the world and also on board an airline company.

To find out more about the show and Health Specific, you can check the following networks.

Twitter - twitter.com/healthspecific
Facebook :
- facebook.com/healthspecific
- facebook.com/theworkoutsessions
YouTube - youtube.com/healthspecific


Dj > Stefano Noferini







Radio > Fernando Arthur



Radio > Tara McDonalds

Tara is one of the most successful vocalists in the world, with more than 253 performances around the globe each year. Tara is now an artist signed to Mercury/Universal and is working on her debut album. Her first solo record "Give Me More" is released in continental Europe.

2012 sees no stopping the runaway Tara train. She recently turned her hand to live TV – a role as assistant vocal coach on Belgium’s biggest TV show ‘The Voice’ (The Voice Belgium). Appearing in each weekly episode broadcast to millions across Belgium and surrounding territories.

This year also sees Tara’s own weekly radio show ‘Shut Up & Dance’ kick off on Radio FG. Tara is the only vocalist to have her own show on the station and she joins the ranks of other top weekly shows from the likes of Carl Cox, David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Laidback Luke, Armin Van Buren, and more. ‘Shut Up & Dance’ is broadcast in over 15 countries.

In 2012 – Tara released ‘Pandemonium’ with David Guetta & Afrojack (F*** Me And Famous Compilation), ‘Generation 24/7’ to Hed Kandi’s 2012 ‘Taste of Winter’ compilation.

Now Tara’s breaking boundaries once again, with her first solo album now signed to Mercury/Universal Music an dits debut solo record ‘Give Me More’ released today accross France and surrounding territories. A mish-mash of pop, electro synths and Tara’s infectious lyrics, ‘Give Me More’ has already exploded across French radio networks an dis one of their most requested tracks of 2012.

Always happy, always positive, Tara’s music is unarguably sexy and refined in the same package whilst maintaining her electronic roots. It’s all about the EDM electro synth influences as Tara prepares her next two singles to appear from the album – think of the biggest producers she has worked with in the past as there are more surprises to come…

The dawn of Tara

Tara McDonald is the outstanding voice that everyone knows : in fact Tara has lent her voice to many of dance music’s hottest hits including : ‘My My My’ (Armand Van Helden), ‘Feel the Vibe’ (Swedish House Mafia producer Axwell), ‘Get Down’ (Todd Terry), she signed ‘Delirious’ and ‘You’re not Alone’on the album ‘Pop Life’ (David Guetta) and further collaborations with Global producers Joey Negro, Nervo, Laidback Luke, Afrojack, Mowgli, TV Rock, Funkerman, and was signed with Ministry Of Sound/Hed Kandi.

The House Music diva has an abundance of hits that have sailed into the top 10 in International charts – playing regularly on radio networks across the World.

Tara hit all the headline in 2011 – with 253 performances performances sitting rather comfortably alonside her myriad of top hits. Collaborating with Sidney Samson in the earlier part of the year gave birth to her huge hit record ‘Dynamite’ – remixed by Nicky Romero and supported by the biggest club DJs around.

She was resident singer for Hed Kandi in Ibiza 2009 (Space) and 2010 (Es Paradis, Savannah for « Tara’s acoustic sunset sessions »), and she astonished the fans in some incredible events like the Tomorrowland festival 2010 where Tara teamed up with Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Dada Life to write the official anthem for the festival called ‘Tomorrow, Give into the Night’ which Tara wrote the vocal melody and lyric. She then performed the tracks at the festival to tens of thousands of fans alongside Global chart winners Swedish House Mafia.

Tara was born a true star : as a child of 12, she performed in Holand on stage with film legend, Audrey Hepburn, after winning an international singing competition representing…England ! Worried about the pressure on their talented daughter, her parents put her career on hold. Neverthless her talent was too incredible to be kept silent. With passion and determination Tara started to appear with many of the music giants of rock and pop – Bryan Ferry, Roger Walters, Pink Floyd, Andy Taylor, Duran Duran, Jocelyne Brown, Eric Clapton, and Ringo Star…

Radio > Julio Bartra

Born in Lima, Peru, 1988; Julio Bartra grew up listening to bands of disco, soul and funk genres.

Then he discovered house music through the initial influence of genres had heard since childhood.

He has always been fascinated by a wide range of musical styles; in his early years listening to electronic music was influenced by the innovators of techno and minimal sound, which was then decided to make electronic music and learn all about the music that inspired so much.

Now he´s adding a much stronger bassline and giving a shade more cyclical, with a fusion of many more melodies with technominimalhouse groove that characterize his electronic parties.

Julio Bartra is a young DJ-producer who is doing all delirious with powerful new sounds and rhythms.

Surprising the underground and movement of people from South America and the world, who know all the talent of this young DJ.

Today Julio Bartra has a wide variety and compositional technique, comprising forms of experimental music to popular forms of house music.

He´s DJ Residend at Xcess Larcomar and has performed in nightclubs as Carpe Diem, DeVoleto, Elemental Bar, etc.. playing with international DJs such as Robbie Romerio (Germany), Saul Nieto (ESP), Ivan Soul (COL), HIRO (GLASGOW), RIVA STAR (UNITED KINGDOM), JD DLIGTH (ITALY), ADDAME COLLECTIVE (ITALY), Danno DEEP (ROMANIA) and national DJs, Renzo Saba, Oscar Bohorquez, Israel Vich, Juan Camilo Caldas, Brian kenny, Samir Mirte, Augusto Siles, Paul Trelles, Gironda, Dj Maro, George ohara, Pinino (GMF), sheva Nox, Erick Dumonts, etc. He´s doing at raves parties and moving strongly on radio stations of Rusia (http://www.muzikmatik.net/), Italy (http://www.inmyradio.com/) and in his local radio (http://www.limaxpress.com/) from peru.

Radio > Q-Burns Abstract Message

In the realm of dance music, there are few producers that thrive on blurring the boundary between eclectic experimenter and populist ass-shaker as much as Q-Burns Abstract Message. Equally comfortable covering Krautrock legends Faust or dropping his favorite chunky house grooves into the mix, Q-BAM—known to his parents as Michael Donaldson—is indeed the rare auteur. Whether globetrotting as a DJ, co-running the Eighth Dimension Records label, remixing artists like Rabbit in the Moon, Fila Brazillia and Mazi & Collete, or recording his own original productions, Donaldson is all about the coaxing the maximum soul out of the machine.

Based in Orlando since the early-’90s, the former record shop owner and college radio DJ has spent the past two decades developing a sound that is obsessively devoted to the funk. His animated, vodka-soaked DJ sets have won audiences for the well-traveled Donaldson from San Francisco to (literally) Siberia, and landed him primo opening slots for GusGus, Chemical Brothers and Meat Beat Manifesto.

However, it’s his playful rhythms, surprising melodic themes and not-so-surprising Eno-esque textures that demand attention. An accomplished indie musician prior to releasing his first single as Q-BAM—the breakbeat noir of “141 Revenge Street” in 1995—Donaldson is first and foremost a songwriter, albeit one that is just as enamored with the sheer power of the groove.

With a trusty Roland Juno 106 synth at his side, Q-BAM released three full-length albums via the respected electronic label Astralwerks, including Invisible Airline which featured several collaborations with vocalist Lisa Shaw. He has recorded numerous singles for house-centric imprints such as Brique Rouge, Slip N’ Slide, NRK and of course, Eighth Dimension. Q-BAM was also one of the talented producers on alt-country icon Jim White’s 2001 Luaka Bop release No Such Place. The album cast White’s stark vocals in a wasteland of dusty beats and ghostly slide guitars, with Donaldson’s tracks providing some of its most intoxicating moments.

Though his “endless summer” schedule—more than 100 DJ dates annually—and ongoing production projects would seemingly exhaust a mere mortal, Q-BAM rather enjoys this 120-BPM soundtrack. Accordingly, Donaldson and fellow Orlando producer/DJ Atnarko recently launched the deep house label EIGHT-TRACKS, dedicated to releasing “strange sounds that you can dance to,” says Q-BAM himself. Additionally, house imprint Agave Records has tapped Donaldson to throw down a mix CD titled Agave Nectar Vol. 1, now available in fine records shops worldwide..

Currently, Q-BAM is hard at work with his monthly Invisible Airwaves radio show, studio and label duties, and touring schedule. The latest Q-Burns Abstract Message singles include the Italian-horror film inspired “Chainsaw” for EIGHT-TRACKS and a collection of remixes by Cole Medina of the classic Invisible Airlines track “Innocent” (featuring the vocals of Lisa Shaw). As if there wasn’t already enough deliciously warm and gooey queso already piled high on his plate, Q-BAM is also hard at work recording a slew of tracks for an upcoming mystery project, to be launched in 2011.

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